Charlie Pace is a dead man

Remember when I wrote back in October 2006 when Lost Season 3 started how Dominic Monaghan’s character is a major pain in the ass and needs to go? “Lost” is back after its mid season hiatus and lo and behold in episode 8 we find out that someone has to die. Oh what joy, it is Charlie Pace. Bickering about screen time again, Dominic? Get lost!

The series ratings are as low as ever which comes to no surprise to us and quite frankly, viewers no longer care about the “mystery”, the “numbers” or who will die next. It’s over. It is a lost cause. Writers, wrap up the story as long as you can, the cancellation axe is dropping fast and I am far from being the only one who thinks Lost needs an exit strategy.

8 thoughts on “Charlie Pace is a dead man

  1. Dude LOST rulez and will forever be the best tv series on earth. And regarding Charlie Pace he rules, great character and yes he has his moments when he is a pain in the but ass. But guess what it is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER

    Grtz from Belgium’s Biggest LOST LOVER



  2. wow, that was a little harsh…dont cha think?
    i personally think charlie is amazing, and hes very cute/funny.


  3. Hey, Lost Is Awesome and Should Carry On Till The Characters are really Dead! (To Show There there for a LOOONG! time!) and also Charlie is probs dead neway! so SHUT IT!

    Henry Gale/Ben Linus is in the coffin at the end of 23×3.
    Sawyer has a kid to Kate.
    Jack Tops Himself
    Charlie Dead (or is he!!)
    Naomi is with the others.
    Penny With Others
    Guy with Eye Patch who never dies is a 815 survivor!
    Show Finishes 27th may 2023 22:59:57

    ^^^^From The Writer of Lost (interview)^^^^



  4. So Charlie is dead and good riddance (already posted back in Oct 2006 that he needs to go). Charlie Pace was a nuisance and pointless character, dead weight as are so many of the Lost people. After all it is about the mystery and the island, right? And one mystery is that dead people don’t always stay dead.
    Charlie however, got a “graceful exit” which basically means he stays dead as far as good dramatic writing is concerned. If you are a Charlie fan, fret not, there’s always the extremely high possibility of the all so popular flashbacks and sometimes they are not flashbacks at all but rather flash-forwards, how innovative!
    So let’s kill Sayid next, he failed to shine off his soldier skill far too often to be still convincing, he needs to go. What? Why? How? Don’t get me started on his failures as the “soldier” character. Anyhow, Season 4 will be coming and people will keep dying, what a big surprise.
    Favorite quote from the Season finale:

    Sawyer: “I didn’t believe him.”

    Mind the numbers.


  5. who ever thinks charlie is a waste of space, and pointless to the show is a tic **** themselves charlie is da best tin dat ever happened to lost nd da best lookin ( for defenit ) he’s GOURGOUS,
    i love him nd he died a hero thats better than nothing!!!!!!


  6. charlie is an excellent member of the cast and those people who don’t realise his part in the group are pathetic. i really hope to be seeing him when lost starts again.


  7. charlie was my favorite character so the people who say he was worthless r idiots hes the best cute to and was a great character so go away losas!!!
    p.s i cried when he died !!!!!


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